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Our body carries the wisdom, all we have to do is listen

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Layne Arlina is an Energy Healer, developing Medium and Intuitive Animal Therapist.

When working with animals Layne combines science-based, natural training methods with folk medicine to offer a unique and holistic approach to animal training, healing and rehabilitation.

"Layne is a wonderful person to work with, she has an ability to put you at ease immediately with her big grin and down to earth approach. her enthusiasm and energy are contagious!"

Having a remarkable affinity with animals, and the

natural ability to think and feel from their perspective, Layne speaks on their behalf and guides us to better understanding and supporting their needs.


Based in the South West of England, Layne provides Positive Reinforcement Dog Training, Holistic Canine Behavioural Therapy and transformational, intuitive healing known as Energy Medicine for people & pets.

Layne Arlina holds a Laser qualification in Canine First Aid through the Galen Therapy Centre